How it all began

manet's flutistSome of you may wonder why daPolonia was created…

I was making ornaments in my studio for since 1997. Many stores and museums have been buying my ornaments. But I wanted to have a direct contact with the collectors, and the public that buys my ornaments. And while, a website is not a face to face interaction with the buyers, nonetheless, there is quite a bit of direct contact, be it via emails, and phone calls, that doesn’t exist when the ornaments are sold via stores. Such contacts give me a better feel for what the customer is looking for, how they like the directions I go etc. And since I have decided to feature my ornaments, on a website, and the ornaments are made in Poland, a country where I do have deep roots, I decided to feature some other of Poland artistic and unique crafts. My own family has been involved in the production of the Polish wooden boxes for 3 generations.

a round keepsake boxMy uncle used to send to my Mom wooden boxes, wooden dolls wearing regional Polish costumes, and many other handicrafts. One could say I grew up surrounded by Polish handicrafts. Together with my cousin we adapted the Polish wooden boxes into picture frames.

green wooden picture frameUnique frames with a look that is all its own. I also, decided to feature some of the amber for which Poland and the Baltic have been famous for over two millenniums. I have connected with a new generation of amber artists that have revolutionized amber jewelry and are creating wearable pieces of art, many of them one of a kind.

buttersco and silver amber cart wheel necklaceVisiting Krakow as often as I do, I have been introduced to the unique nativities of Krakow  known as the Szopki Krakowskie = Krakow nativities. These are fabled creation made from cardbord, and foil paper, that unlike any other nativity place the Holy Family within krakow architechture, and sourroundit by Polish and Krakow fold art and legend. These are magnificient creations made by a small group of artists, and I’m so much in love with these work of art that I have added them to the site.

Mia Kaplan

Owner / Artisan at Da Polonia

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