Enamel Amber Jewelry

one of a kind Amber PendantThis wonderful Baltic amber necklace is just amazing. Beata, the artist has applied the ancient technique of enameling, to create an absolutely stunning necklace. Not only has Beata produced an artistically beautiful Baltic amber necklace, she has also done it using a technique never before applied to amber jewelry. Enameling is an old technique dating back to Byzantine times, and made famous by Faberge and his studio in  the service of the  Russian Tsar. Like Faberge, Beata uses the cloisonné technique of enameling to create this spectacular amber necklace that can also double up as an  amber pin.

She replaces the colored metal with amber nuggets in a range of colors and shades. In this  curvy square Beata crafted  a beautiful flower in one corner, set up against varying colors of amber separated by silver threads. The Baltic amber pendant is suspended from a plebeian leather chain, that though complementary in it’s brown color, contrast as well as enhance the beauty and nobility of the amber necklace. Because it is impossible to find identical nuggets, each of the necklaces is unique.

Mia Kaplan

Owner / Artisan at Da Polonia

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