Valentine Day

Angels of love glass Christmas ornamentValentine Day today is the holiday of lovers. We send cards, flowers, chocolate, and other gifts to those we love, parents, close friends, and of course lovers. It is a secular holiday, with no set habits or ritual, unless one wants to partake in it, and then it’s free hand. 

St. Valentine did not start as a holiday of lovers. It was a Catholic holiday marking the martyrdom St. Valentine. And speaking of St. Valentine, there were three martyrs, called Valentine. Pope Gelasius  declared the 14th of February as St. Valentine Day, but not as a romantic day. Romance had to wait for another 1000 years or longer, depending on the version you read. In one version it was Charles Duke of Orleans who wrote a romantic Red wooden box letter to his wife from prison (distance maketh the heart go fonder), in a second version it was King  Henry V who commissioned  a writer to compose a Valentine note to Catherine of Valois, and yet a third version has it that it was Chauser who referred in song to love birds,  in the 15th Century that “unleashed” Valentine Day as the day of lovers. Be it as it may, St. Valentine is the holiday of the heart, and from mid January until February 15th, hearts are everywhere.

Burgrundy wooden frameWe are also, offering some hearts, you can get an angel on a heart, or get a Traditional Polish wooden box with a heart , which is one of the most common motives on the boxes or maybe you’d rather put your, or your loved one image in a frame full of hearts.

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