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This is the first in a series of blogs about Art Nouveau. As those of you who have followed us for a while know, daPolonia offers art inspired ornaments, boxes, and frames. I was going to write a short blog about two frames with an Art Nouveau design. But then I realized that we have so many items hailing to the Art Nouveau style, that it kept growing and growing. So now it will become a short series.

First: So what is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is an artistic, design & architectural style started in the fine arts, by Alphonse Mucha, a Czech painter. It is known by many names in different countries: Art Nouveau in France, Jugendstil in Germany, Secession in the Austro Hungarian Empire, Secesja or Mloda Polska (young Poland) in Poland, Modern in Russia, Style Liberty in Italy (after London’s department store Liberty & Co.). The Art Nouveau movement was a reaction, or shall we call it rebellion, in a somewhat similar way to Impressionism, to the formality aka stiffness of the formal art of the 19th century. Art Nouveau inspiration came from nature, and it’s curved sensuous lines. It had influenced many artist who created, each in his/her own unique way, art pieces, architecture and design, that has become part of our life, like Tiffany lamps and stained windows, Lalique’s glass, and Gaudi Architechture. Some of the better known names in the movement are:



Klimt in Austria, Tiffany in the USA, Antonio Guadi in Spain, Rene Lalique in France, Charles Renie MacKintosh in England. Wyspianski in Poland. The center of Riga, Latvia was declare a world heritage site by UNESCO because of the large concentration of Art Nouveau architecture there.Next installment:Polish traditional wooden boxes & picture frame in Art Nouveau Style


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