Tiffany & Art nouveau who came first?



Tiffany's wysteria grapes goass ornament

Tiffany is the most famous Art Nouveau practitioner in the USA, and one of it's most revered artists. His stained windows, lamps and glass work are part of America cultural heritage. There is no other artist whose work adorn more USA churches, carried by more museums,Tiffany country landscape & waterfall glass Christmas ornament including a couple dedicated mostly to his work, and who permeated deeper into America's esthetic sensibilities than Tiffany. His work is fully what we call the Art Nouveau school. But what is less known is that some attribute to his French dealer the launch of the Art noveau movement. There are two versions of how the Art Nouveau movement started One that we have mentioned at our first post in this series on Art Nouveau, is that it started after Alphonse Mucha created his poster for SarahTiffany's wterlilies window rendered as Christmas ornament Bernhart's theater show. A second version claims that it originated from a Paris gallery name that was importing Japanese & Tiffany art to France. It was called : L'Art Nouveau, La Maison Bing (and no it's not related or created by Microsoft's Bing, nor is it named after Bing Crosby). Well, the choice is yours, However it started, it's influence has been deep and wide. Tiffany impact on America's art & it esthetics is major.

daPolonia has in it's collection quite a few Tiffany images, after some of his famous stained windows and lamps. The Waterfall, Grapes at Tiffany, his Water lilies, and his glorious angle from a Triptych at St. Paul Church in PA. And we have created custom ornaments of his Stained windows for the Corning Museum of Glass.  

Custom ornament created for the Corning Art Museum from a stained window in the collection

We would like to quote Bing's description of Tiffany images,:

Here what he wanted is the discreet calm of semi-opaque tones in An angel by Tiffany glass ornamentwhich, embedded within the glass itself, he simulated fine veins, filaments, and trails of color similar to the delicate nuances in the skin of fruit, the petal of a flower, the veins of an autumn leaf….Thus he created certain types of opaque and matt vases, whose excellence—the result of long effort—lay in their incomparable smoothness of surface, giving the sensation of a silky, delicate “.      Bing said it earlier, and he said it better.

















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