Wyspianski, Tetmajer and Young Poland , Art Nouveau in Poland

The Art Nouveau movement sweeping Europe at the turn of the 19th Rose hand made glass Christmas ornamentcentury penetrated every corner of the intellectual world. Poland with its Western orientation, but Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russian subjugation (Poland was under Russian & Austro Hungarian Empire rule until 1914 when it regained its independence after 123 years) the artistic ferment of Klimt & his Secessionist group in Vienna, and Mucha and his contemporary in France had major impact on Polish intellecMadonna and Child glass Christmas ornamenttuals. The Fin de Siècle element of the movement, the rebellion in old way here sometimes meant foreign domination of Poland, had very wide appeal. It affected philosophy, literature, and art. One of the major players in this movement in Poland was Stanislaw Wyspiaski. Wyspianski was a playwright, painter, and poet, as well as interior and furniture designer. His plays and poetry marry national themes and symbols to the ideals of the Young Poland movement. He was one of the most outstanding and multifaceted artist in Europe at his time and one of Poland's greatest ever. While his life was cut short his oeuvre is immense. To me his greatest achievement is the murals at the St. Francis Church in Krakow. Unlike other churches full of painting carving and images from the Old and the New Testament, painting, sculptures and murals of saint and angels, these church walls are all covered with vibrant flowers murals. The stained windows are full of natural elements mostly flowers. His most amazing window there God Almighty vibrates with elements of Sunflower  & flower ornamentsthe natural world. His Blessed Mother is so human and approachable, Irises painting by Stanislaw Wyspiaski from the St. Francis church Krakow surrounded by flowers and curving lines, the hallmarks of Art Nouveau and Young Poland. We at daPolonia have adapted some of these amazing images into glass Christmas ornaments: his Nasturtiums mural, Irises, Roses and Sunflowers. We have also rendered his amazing Virgin and Child that was painted in 1904 and caused a furor because the mother and the baby were so realistic, and the baby back was showing a little, an accessible, humane and realistic image instead of the frozen immobile stylized images common in icon paintings. Nasturtium glass Christmas ornamentWe are also proud to carry some ornaments of Wyspianski's  contemporaries and Young Polish member Tetmajer, who was commissioned to paint the Zofia Chapel in the Royal Castle – Wavel. His images of The Madonna of Berdicozow is surrounded by magical golden autumn leaves, His Gold Almighty, is so benevolent and Fatherly, to my eyes he God Almighty glass Chrsitmas ornamentcould easily qualify for a Santa Claus job at any mall in the USA. His Heavenly Angel has brown hair, not the traditional blond or gold, and is surrounded by stylized soft elements.  

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Owner / Artisan at Da Polonia

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