Why is America called America

In my last previous I  wrote about daPolonia.com   world map wooden box that is based on the map gores of Martin Waldseemuller and his 1507 map, that was the first to name the newly discovered lands. in 1507 we have not yet been granted the honor of being a continent. Martin Waldseemuller decided to honor Amerigo Vespucci, the explorer World map with map gores from 1507who came here on the heal of Cristopher Columbus. This raises the question why Amerigo Vespucci, and not Christopher Columbus, actually Christobal Columbo, and in Spain Christobal Colon. It also raises another question, and this is a question of what if. How would the new world be called had Waldseemuller decided to honor Amerigo Vespucci last name instead of his first name? Would we all be going by the name Vespuccia? And following that route what would be the name of our continent if he gave honor to the first explorer and discovered, Christopher Columbus, what would we be called then Christopheria? Chritobalia his Italian name, or maybe Columbia instead of being a country would have been a continent? And then what would it be, Columbia, or maybe Colonia the Spanish version of Christopher Columbus name, Antique world mapthe version he adopted when he acquired Spanish citizenship before undertaking on his voyages here. I guess it wouldn’t be Columbusia because  Waldseemuller gave us our name America, but  not the  Anglocized version of Christobal Colombu, which did not come to be widely known for a long time after Martin Waldseemullerhas passed away. And so, Martin Waldseemuller did not leave a written record  why he chose the name? Did he discuss it with the group of map makers he was working with? Part of the answer is known. Christophe Columbus was the first man to come to America, attempting to shorten the way to the spice lands of Asia. After Columbus, few other explorers came. One of  them was  Amerigo Vespucci, who was sent over Round box with a world mapby the Spanish King also, and can take the credit for realizing that South America is a large continent, bigger than previously described by the first explorers. He published accounts of the trips, that became widely read and circulated in Europe. Thus, Amerigo  Vespucci who actually only came to the Amricas 7 years after Christopher Colombus was better known as America’s explorer than Columbus. This explains why Waldseemuller chose to honor Amerigo Vespucci and not Columbus. As to why he has chosen Amerigo and not Vespucci, he took this  secret to his grave.

Handcarve Amercian continent wooden boxesMaps and world discovery have been an eternally fascinating topics. The popularity of travel books and accounts of travels to new places have held a spell over people.  Marco Polo who traveled to the Far East in the 13th century has been immortalized. Wooden boxes with maps of them are gifts that are as much educational as useful and ornamental.  World map wooden boxes always carry stories with them, of wondering and discovery. We at daPolonia.com have a large selection of  world map wooden boxes. We have the famous Map Gores of Martin Waldseemuller, two version of world map box on an antique scroll,  in two sizes, two chests ,map boxes of the American Continent, of South & North America. Each in the shape of a square chest box,on four little feet. A latitude and longitude world map box, a cartographer delight and a wonderful man wooden box. One of our world map boxes is very popular with kids, made on a round wooden box the map lays on the top of the box and the round sides, like a glob on a round box base.



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