Snowmen menagerie

For those of you who have been following us at  for a while, you know that Holly Berry snowmanwhen it came to snowmen, the picking was small & slim. For a long time we only boated one snowman, a free blown snowman, tall & slim, all glittered and very popular,and even he? it? was sold so fast,  and would disappear for long time before we could make it again. This year, a little while ago, our poor solitary Snowman got a companion, Zig Zag Snowman, a glorious  figural snowman, with a hat zigzaging in the wind, boasting snowflakes design and Swarovski crystals. They say three is company, so nine will be a crowd. Our menagerie of Snowman is now nine member strong. And what amazing snowmen this group is. One of our Snowman is so much into Facebook, his hands have frozen in the liking position. Our stripped hat snowman is skying down the slopes on free blown silver skies.

Snowman skying downhill with a striped hat

Our Bullseye Snowman would give a run for the money to Target's Bullsyes dog any

Snowman with red bullseye  all over the coat

day.Most of our snowmen are free blown, with pulled noses, each one different, and quite a few boasting outstretched hands. A great collection of some of the most loved Christmas ornaments.Blue pants snowmanFully glittered snowman with pulled nose & red hears design
Snowman with free blown branch arms


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