Renoir’s Dance in Bougival

Renoir's Dance in Bougival

I'm really excited to add to the collection of a jewel of an ornament. Renoir's famous Dance in Bougival, from the collection of the MFA Boston. Dance in Bougival will add to our  lineup of art inspired ornaments As they say Nobody doesn't love Renoir. His red cheeked people, and especially children and woman are dear to one and all. His brilliant colors, that so complement the images delight any art lover. I can never have enough of the Barnes Foundation collection of Renoir painting, though some of the most amazing and cherished images escaped the hands of Alfred C. Barnes, and are in some other museums, he was very prodigious and left a legacy of thousands of paintings.  Nonetheless some stand out, and became almost iconic. Dance in Bougival is one of these.  Dance in Bougival, that is actually part of a series of 3 painting of dancing couples:.  Dance in Bougval, Dance in the City, and Dance in the Country dapolonia offers two of them: Dance in the City and Dance in Bougival  . We do hope at some time in the future, to create an ornament of Dance in the Country.Dance in Bougival depict a couple dancing in a cafe. Bougival was a suburb of Paris, by the river Sein, that attracted a lot of Parisian in the summer months. Renoir drew a couple dancing in the middle of the cafe. The couple is in their own world  far from the cafe. The man is wearing a straw hat, and a dark suit, the woman wears a white flowing dress swirling in the dance movement, with fuchsia trim and pinkish highlights. She has a beautiful read bonnet. She is not sure that she is ready for the intensity of the man interest in her. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Renoir sure knew how to relay them.

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