Labyrinths have fascinated  people since ancient times.  Herodotus  describes a labyrinth in ancient Egypt that was uncovered in the nineteenth century, larger than most Pyramids. It was also found in the Galicia area of modern day Spain.  Labyrinth images were found on Cretan coins, as well as in Crete itself, and is mentioned in the Greek mythology.  In the middle ages, labyrinth became even more popular, and have been incorporated into the Gothic Cathedrals floor design. The most famous among them are the labyrinths in Chartres, Amiens, and Reims. The design of labyrinth has spread throughout Europe, and there are many labyrinths in the UK and the Scandinavian countries.  There are many interpretations to the symbolism of the labyrinth,  some of them religious other spirituals. One is that walking a labyrinth is a substitute for the pilgrimage to Holy City called the Chemin de Jeruzalem, there are other that say that following the labyrinth one will reach God & peace. Many American churches have incorporated labyrinth into their design. The labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco CA is based on the Chartres labyrinth, there are two labyrinths in the cathedral one inside the cathedral and another outside. In the spiritual mystical world, a labyrinth came to symbolize wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle with the rambling path that leads us to our center and inner self. It is a path of one way only, though round about. The large labyrinths in the churches are places where people come to meditate and pray. They bring peace and tranquility on one’s soul.

Labyrinth wooden box after the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth


 DaPolonia labyrinth box was originally done for Grace Cathedral in San Francisco CA. It is a miniature replica of the Grace Cathedral Labyrinth which is in turn done after the famous Chartres Labyrinth that dates to the 13th century. The Labyrinth box is 100% accurate and as the Yellow Pages advertising used to say “let your fingers do the walking”, here on the box, you can trace with your fingers the path from the entryway all the way to the  to the flower shaped petal center. It is a very elegant wooden box and will make a wonderful present for anyone. 

Mia Kaplan

Owner / Artisan at Da Polonia

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