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North Pole Express

North Pole Santa

We at really love St Nicholas, we have created many ornaments in his image. We have all grown up to learn about St. Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus a mythical figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins who, in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children on December 24, the night before Christmas. St. Nicholas is a jolly old man, rotund with a white beard, wearing
Rotund Santa

Rotund Santa

red coat and pants, trimmed with fur, that comes from the North Pole bearing gifts on his Reindeers drawn sleigh.

We have often time wondered how one man, going on a Reindeer powered sleigh can in such a short window of time, a mere few hours, manage to visit every house, overcome all the electronic security, slide through the narrow chimney, wherever there is one, with his big bag of presents, and get out through it, must be a good rock climber, and still get all the presents under every tree before dawn. So sorry, kids and adults but, the truth is a little different. There are many Santa Clauses, and they all live in New York in a project called St. Nicholas Houses. This is the sign in front of the St. Nicholas Houses.

Sign saying: Welcome to Saint Nicholas Houses a Wonderful Community

Sign saying: Welcome to Saint Nicholas Houses a Wonderful Community

The St. Nicholas Houses, were completed in 1954. The St. Nicholas Houses have 13 buildings, each 14 story high, containing 1523 a
St. nicholas Houses

Saint Nicholas Houses

partments. Yes Virginia, there is more than one Santa Claus. While we are not the census people, so we do not know exactly how many people live in each of these 1523 apartments, but assuming an average of 4 people per unit there are over 6000, of them. And it makes a lot of sense. Even if there are 6000 Santa Cluses, it’s still a very big job to deliver presents to 60 million homes and apartments , all within a few hours, and this only in the USA? And what about the good kids in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, The whole of Australia, and New Zealand, most of Africa, the Philippine, and other places in Asia where good Christian kids do live? a very big, and widespread job indeed, a multinational task of major proportions. We have visited St. Nicholas House today, and discovered a very nice complex, with playgroun
Playground at St. Nicholas Houses

Playground at St. Nicholas Houses

d, for the young Santa Clauses, and a Senior Citizen club for the really old Santa Cluases. 

Senior Citizen Club @St. Nicholas Houses

Senior Citizen Club at Saint Nicholas Houses

We think that maybe Santa was not just one person, but a clan, like these Scots with all of their clans and each clan with a different tartan skirt. Maybe there was also a St. Nicholas Clan that adopted a red coat trimmed with white fur, and red pants, black boots, and red hood. They may have moved first to the North Pole, but being cold and lonely, and looking for an exciting place to live changed their mind, and moved to Manhattan in 1954, where they have been living happily ever after. One thing we do not yet know for sure, but promise you we will investigate and report ASAP we have some results, if this St. Nicholas Houses serves the whole wide world, or there is such a complex in every country, facing this big challenge of delivering so many presents with a Reindeer drawn sleigh to every house where there is a well behaved kid. We are also sorry to report, that though there was plenty of snow, and some grass, we do not know where these Santas park their Reindeer. We will try to investigate this and report to you in the future.

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