Klimt the Sezessionist Art Nouveau-Jugendstyl in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Art Nouveau called Sezession or Jugendstyl in Austria was led by Gustav Klimt. It included other artists: Olbrich, Josepf Hoffman, Moser etc. The group’s moto was: “To each time, its art; to art, its liberty.” And Klimt esplained their philopsophy :”We do not know any difference between major arts and minor arts, between art for the rich and art for the poor. Art belongs to everybody.” In 1898 Olbrich built the Sezession building,



It has the sezession/ Jugendsyle moto on it’s front,  and it houses Klimt’s world famous mural:“Beethoven freeze” .

The group held it show s there for many years. DaPolonia offers Klimt’s most known oeuvre The Kiss, a love tribute full of golden highlights and


Gustav Klimt the kiss, glass Christmas ornament


flowing lines. Klimt’s painting doesn’t have even one straight line, all the

elements in the painting flow into one another, even the two

lovers, it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

We also offer Klimt’s Adelle Bauer Bloch, one of Klimt’s patrons, and the only woman Klimt has painted more than one time.

Just like in the Kiss all elements flow into each other, all lines are curvy and rounded, Adele figure is traced by a winding line, topped with the big black hat, her garment are flowing and fluid, and she is positioned against a magical background of brimming with fantastic flowers, and even galloping magical horsemen.Klimt's Adele Bauer Bloch glass ornament


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Tradtional Polish wooden boxes and Picture Frames in Art Nouveau Style

The Polish traditional wooden boxes, and the pictures frames that follow in it’s path would seem far removed from a style movement popular in the closing years of the 19th century. Polish wooden boxes making dates back millenniums and is deeply rooted in it’s local milieu. It uses material and tools readily accessible to the Gurals, the shepherds in the Tatra mountains: Linden wood, branding and brass inlay. Nonetheless, we have quite a few boxes and picture frames that adapted these stylistic element, incorporating them in a way that one would think they are actually Polish in origin.

Handmade wooden picture frame art Nouveau style This beautiful box, divided into squares, with curved line at the every corner of each square is a classic Art Nouveau box.The contrast between the dark branded design and the lighter stained wood is great, the design looks to my eyes like fish tails, but can be anything your imagination fancies, like looking at clouds, or  a Rorschach test. So is the our  Blue Angel box, Traditional Polish wooden box with Art Nouveau angel designthat all you need to do is it bleach a little to get pastel shades, and you’d think that Alphonse Mucha was behind the design. In addition to the red box featured here, we offer them in blue brown, green yellow and black.

Green handcarved wooden picture frame

These beautiful frames are derived from designs of Polish wooden boxes, that somehow incorporated these sensuous curves. While the design, which is made by the brass inlay, curves and swirls all around the frame, dignified and seductive at the same time. It is the same design on both frames, but the addition of the branding elements to the brown frame, create a different mood. The green frame is minimal and elegant. The brown frame is much more expensive in mood, in a way voluptuous, but elegant nonetheless, a glorious translation of Art Nouveau to wood.














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daPolonia loves Art Nouveau

This is the first in a series of blogs about Art Nouveau. As those of you who have followed us for a while know, daPolonia offers art inspired ornaments, boxes, and frames. I was going to write a short blog about two frames with an Art Nouveau design. But then I realized that we have so many items hailing to the Art Nouveau style, that it kept growing and growing. So now it will become a short series.

First: So what is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is an artistic, design & architectural style started in the fine arts, by Alphonse Mucha, a Czech painter. It is known by many names in different countries: Art Nouveau in France, Jugendstil in Germany, Secession in the Austro Hungarian Empire, Secesja or Mloda Polska (young Poland) in Poland, Modern in Russia, Style Liberty in Italy (after London’s department store Liberty & Co.). The Art Nouveau movement was a reaction, or shall we call it rebellion, in a somewhat similar way to Impressionism, to the formality aka stiffness of the formal art of the 19th century. Art Nouveau inspiration came from nature, and it’s curved sensuous lines. It had influenced many artist who created, each in his/her own unique way, art pieces, architecture and design, that has become part of our life, like Tiffany lamps and stained windows, Lalique’s glass, and Gaudi Architechture. Some of the better known names in the movement are:



Klimt in Austria, Tiffany in the USA, Antonio Guadi in Spain, Rene Lalique in France, Charles Renie MacKintosh in England. Wyspianski in Poland. The center of Riga, Latvia was declare a world heritage site by UNESCO because of the large concentration of Art Nouveau architecture there.Next installment:Polish traditional wooden boxes & picture frame in Art Nouveau Style


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On Daffodiles and Narcissus

We know it is spring when the daffodils are blooming. They are in every park, in every country. They delight us with their lively white and yellow colors, and happy green leaves.The Latin name of Narcissus is tied to Greek Mythology that tells the story of Narcissus who was so enamored with his beautiful lookFree blown one of a kind daffodiles glass ornament, that he sat by the pond staring fixedly at his reflection, until he fell in.Today Daffodils symbolize hope. Here in Krakow there is a yearly walk for the St. Lazarus Hospice, and every participant carries a Daffodil bulb, which is planted in the fall and blooms in the spring. The roads leading to the Kosuicko Mound in Krakow become a yellow carpet of blooming daffodils, called Zonkil or Narcys In New York Centrafree blown, one of a kind daffodile glass ornamentl Park Riverside park, and other parks, the little flower beds around the trees in all the side street are all full of blooming daffodils that have come early this year due to the warm weather, and are delighting everyone with their vibrant  yellows, white and orange colors. DaPolonia is offering three beautiful daffodil ornaments. A traditional three ball ornament like a finial upside down, with beautiful daffodils gracing it from top to bottom.     A smFree blown glass Christmas ornament daffodileall clip on measuring 4.5” x 3.5” and a large spectacular ornament, which is a triumph of the glass blowing art (we know of 2 glass blowers out of the thousands practicing in Poland who can blow this gorgeous flower) 5 1/2” diameter with a Swarovski crystal at the bottom of the central bell.

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It is spring and the Tulips are blooming


Spring is in the air, and on the ground the tulips are blooming. Tall gray New York is blooming with tulips all over the place.They come in a rainbow of colors, red, yellow, purple, white, pink, and many mixing one or all of them. Every greengrocer, and flower shop have them all over.

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Easter is a coming and daPolonia has added a new Faberge Egg

We are really excited about our new addition to the Easter egg collection of daPolonia. Our latest arrival is after a Faberge workshop egg called the Imperial Rosebud Egg. The egg was presented by the newly crowned Tsar Nicholas II to his new wife Empress Alexandra Feodorowna for their first Easter together. Continue reading

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Valentine Day

Angels of love glass Christmas ornamentValentine Day today is the holiday of lovers. We send cards, flowers, chocolate, and other gifts to those we love, parents, close friends, and of course lovers. It is a secular holiday, with no set habits or ritual, unless one wants to partake in it, and then it’s free hand.  Continue reading

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Pope John Paul II ornament Collection

In early 1998 I opened a small store in Krakow, on a small street full of embassies, a block away from the Market square. The store was selling extras, samples,  as well as some Polish & Krakow  scenes geared to the many tourist visiting the city. My friend Majka & Olek both from the theater created a beautiful store, and people would just come to look and gawk. Continue reading

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Krakow Nativity by Dariusz Czys

Krakow Nativity sceneThe Krakow Nativities hold special magic for me. These amazing works of art, made out of cardboard and foil paper, notions, and trinkets. Making them is nothing short of labor of love, as each of the crèches entered in the Krakow Nativities Competition that takes place yearly, in early December, take almost a year to make. Continue reading

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The Bullet Box

Handmade traditional Polish wooden boxThis beautiful Polish wooden box is a classic example of Poland tradition of making wooden boxes. It is hard to pin down the origin of wooden boxes making in Poland. One version says, that in the past the nobility used large wooden boxes to carry presents, and more often the trousseau of a marrying noble woman.

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